Our Policies 

Please Read...

All orders need to be purchased at least 2 days prior to the
date you wish the flowers to be placed on the grave site.

Days to Remember:

Our business will always be closed on the following holidays:
Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Floral Regulations

Floral arrangements accompanying the casket or urn at the time of burial will be placed on the completed grave.  Natural cut flowers may be placed on graves at any time of the year.  They will be removed when they become unsightly or when it becomes necessary to facilitate cemetery operations such as mowing.

Silk flowers will be permitted on graves during periods when their presence will not interfere with grounds maintenance.  The cemetery director, in coordination with the network office, determines these periods for each cemetery depending on climate and other factors.  As a general rule, Silk flowers and potted plants will be allowed on graves for a period extending 10 days before through 10 days after Easter Sunday and Memorial Day.

Christmas wreaths, potted poinsettias and other seasonal adornments may be placed on graves from Dec. 10 through Jan. 10.  They may not be secured to headstones or markers.

Permanent plantings, statues, vigil lights, breakable objects and similar items are not permitted on the graves.  The Department of Veterans Affairs does not permit adornments that are considered offensive, inconsistent with the dignity of the cemetery, or considered hazardous to cemetery personnel.  For example, items incorporating beds or wires may become entangled in mowers or other equipment and cause injury.

Floral regulations for funeral services will permit standing wreaths and sprays along with funeral baskets at anytime during the year during the funeral service. In most cases all floral arrangements will be moved to the gravesite at the end of the ceremony.

Incorrect Information

If the recipient's name is incorrect and delivery was attempted to the grave site, there is a $20 re-delivery fee. We are not responsible for deliveries made to incorrect grave sites submitted to us by the customer. If such a delivery is made, the customer assumes responsibility for the entire purchase.

Silk Flowers

Fresh flowers will be substituted for the silk flowers if the national cemetery you have requested does not allow artificial flowers for the date you have requested.

Canceling an Order

Florist Delivered Products:
Orders are processed immediately, and usually cannot be changed. Due to the urgent nature of florist delivered products we are unable to cancel or change orders already in process or en route or delivered.

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